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In case of online sites for gambling pay close attention to such bonuses, because in all cases you will first have to clear the bonus before you can transfer it back to your bank account. It varies per bookmaker how this release works. Often you have to bet the bonus money x times on a minimum score of 1.40 – 1.60, good to be aware of this in advance. In addition to a deposit bonus, bookmakers often offer free bets. You will receive your bet back if your bet goes wrong. Note that there are often conditions attached to this too! Toto, the bookmaker based in the Netherlands, does not offer bonuses through its website or physical sales points. For bonuses you have to rely on international bookmakers such as Unibet, BWIN or Betsson for example. A visit to i m7 will make you aware of the processes here.

After creating an account with one of these online bookmakers you often get a bonus with the first deposit. You can find more information about this on the website of the various bookmakers. Handy, because in this way you can first see with the bonus money whether betting on sports is for you!

Combinations, single bets and systems

As described earlier in this article, there is a very wide range of bets available at many online bookmakers. You can not only bet on different sports, there is also a large selection of bets per match. When the odds of a single bet are quite low, you can combine them with other bets. This combining is a combination of which the odds are the multiplication of the single bets. The more single bets you include in your combination, the higher the odds on this total bet will be. Mind you, by combining multiple single bets, the chance that there is a mistake in the combination is naturally greater than if you actually play these single bets as single bets. Namely, when a single bet is wrong, the entire combination is wrong.

Finally, you can play systems, where you select multiple single bets and combine them into doubles or tripples. Hereby all possible combinations of two of these single bets are put together for you to bet on. Suppose you have four single bets, there are six doubles. If one of the four bets is wrong, you can still win more of the doubles. This reduces the risk that your total bet on a single bet will go wrong. Yet gambling remains and the chance of losing is always present. So make sure you gamble responsibly.

It can be said in advance that blackjack is relatively simple in its operation, which makes the table game suitable for every type of gambler. You do not have to have experience or a large budget to be able to play blackjack and possibly win nice prizes.


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