Pennsylvania Sports Betting Is Available on iOS Devices Thanks to Parx Casino

There was a day not so long ago when it was difficult to place a bet on a sporting event if you lived in the state of Pennsylvania. It was not legal, requiring you to go somewhere that had a licensed sportsbook able to take your bet. However, those days are now behind us. There are many possibilities available in the state to participate in Pennsylvania Sports Betting. Parx Casino is one such location. It has been successfully running one of the most popular horse racing venues in the state for a number of years. In addition, the casino gaming complex that it runs is one of the largest. Now, they have a comprehensive sportsbook with an available online platform. You can also now place your bets via your iOS mobile devices. Let us compare the iPad and iPhone to see which one is better for sports betting.


When it comes to ease of use, the iPad will likely win out in this category. The bigger screen means that you can see more of the betting platform at any given time. When you are Pennsylvania Sports Betting, you will want to be able to see the various events that are available to wager on. The larger screen of the iPad will allow you to see the various contests, points spreads, and your betting slip all in one concise space. This much information can be a bit difficult to make out on your iPhone.

Ease of Downloading

Again, the iPad will win out in this category as well. When you do need to download items from the casino, the average iPad has a lot more available space on it. It also tends to run a bit faster, so you might notice a smoother operating environment platform as well. That being said, Pennsylvania Sports Betting is also easily accessible on the iPhone. You will be able to easily download the necessary app and get started with your betting day rather easily.


Here is an area where the iPhone will come out ahead. While the iPad is very useful in a variety of situations, you cannot always take it with you everywhere that you go. Your phone, however, is much more portable. You typically always have it with you. That means that you will be able to easily pull up the Parx Casino app in order to place any bets that you want to make. This makes it accessible and convenient, which is exactly the goal of mobile sports betting.


With both the iPhone and iPad you get industry leading security features. You can rest assured that your information is safe and secure at all times. Keep in mind that Parx Casino is fully licensed and regulated by the state gaming commission. Part of the licensing process means demonstrating that the strongest possible security measures are in place. This means that all iOS devices benefit from the same strong security, so you can place your bets in confidence. All financial transactions are also encrypted with 128-bit security.

As you can see, there are quite a few options available today when Pennsylvania Sports Betting. No matter if you use the iPhone or iPad, you will be able to place your wagers no matter where you happen to be in the state. This makes it so convenient, as it should be. Betting on sports is a fun form of entertainment and it adds an exciting twist to each contest that you watch. Consider registering an account at Parx Casino today and give mobile sports betting a try.

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