Have you ever found yourself engaged in a business or work shift that earns easy money? Well, multiple businesses are being built with this primary goal to provide to their future consumers. However, not all of these small or big enterprises are legalized by the government, only some of them.

In Kenya, Africa, they have the highest number of risk-takers, and most of them were only youth who does so. And the known risky business is in sports gambling. It was even estimated that by the year 2020, the global gambling market could be worth $635 billion according to the new findings of Dublin-based Research and Markets.

It all started with a small seed that was planted on one’s farmland that the others had recognized it. And just like a domino effect, it is quick to spread amongst the country. I mean who wouldn’t want to make free bets? You can only find that in Kenya.

But are you wondering what made the flare sparked that made the netizens in Kenya addicted to sports gambling? The answer to that question is in the infographic that was created and designed by Chezcash below, which contains the leadingthree reasons that fuel the betting craze in Kenya.

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