What are the mobile games by which can earn you money

Smartphones are no longer just about staying connected with friends and family or exchanging jokes and wishes over SMS. These days, smartphones are a power-packed tool that comes with more features than ever before. 

One of the most popular usages of smartphones is the ability to play games on them. Most games are free and easily available on both the app stores – Google Play Store for Android and Apple Store for iOS. The only requirements to download these games is that the phone should have enough free space for storage. Once the gaming app has been downloaded, one also needs to ensure that the game runs smoothly, which is usually not a problem as long as the phone has at least a 2 GB RAM built-in, which is not a lot since the latest phones tend to have 3 GB or above RAM as standard.

So, now that you have a game on your phone and you are all raring to go, is there anything else you should keep in mind?

Yes, absolutely. Have you checked if the game can help you earn money?


Truly, the current ecosystem of games and apps offer a lot of opportunities for smart players to make a lot of money. Here are a few examples of the best ways to make money from mobile games

Online Rummy for Cash

Rummy gaming apps such as RummyCulture are a great way to make money doing what you love the most – playing rummy! Here is how this can be done.

Download the RummyCulture App on Your Phone. Once done, log in and enter your profile details. New users get INR 5250 of free cash that can be used to play cash rummy games.

Before you go all pro and start playing for cash, we suggest you watch the demo videos within the app and learn the game fully. For practice, you can play some non-cash games and gain valuable experience. 

Once you feel you have learned the game, you can choose to play cash rummy games. There is a small entry fee for each game, but winners take home a lot more than what they invest.

RummyCulture also organised rummy tournaments that offer a bigger opportunity to win cash. 

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Gaming Tournaments

Just like there are gaming Tournaments in Online Rummy, some popular games like PUBG Mobile also have tournaments where there are big cash prizes to be won. These tournaments are held in many different parts of the world and generally require a team or a squad. If you’ve been playing PUBG Mobile or other games with your friends for some time and feel you are skilled enough to beat the rest, it can be a good opportunity to test your skills and participate in a tournament.

Online Game Streaming

Game streaming has now become a whole new industry these days. Earlier, mainly PC gamers used to stream on websites such as Twitch. However, with the rise in mobile gaming, gamers who play PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile or other exciting games have found an easy and inexpensive way to create new content – they simply record their mobile screen while playing the game and upload the video onto platforms such as YouTube. As you are aware, YouTube has a great monetisation program for content creators where the channel owners get a percentage of the money they make from advertisers. This has truly changed the way gamers approach their passion and given a real chance for them to make money.

These are just some of the most common ways that gamers can make money. We recommend you check these out for yourself and see how it goes. 


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