Get Your Parx Casino Promocode Bonus And Virtual Credits After Signup

How will a casino attract more players? Of course, by promotions and bonuses. Parx Casino now offers a lot of bonuses for both new and existing players. Most of these bonuses are from sign-up to give the player a headstart in the game. Sign up now and don’t forget to take advantage of the Parx Casino promocode and bonuses available right now.

Parx Casino Promocode And Membership Bonuses

Players can enjoy the game without getting membership access. However, if you join Parx Casino’s Xclub, you will receive offers that are not available for free members, sweepstakes entries, credits, and more. There would be free slot play, as well as food and beverage offers in the physical racino, as well as birthday offers and access to current promotions. In addition, if you’re an XClub member, you will be able to get Xtra Play and exclusive Parx Casino Promocode. In addition, you will also get 10% of the virtual credit cost transformed to Comp Dollars.

What Is Virtual Credit?

Virtual Credit is what you’ll get when you sign to Parx Online Casino with the Parx Casino Promocode. These points are what you need in order to play games on the site. It is not transferrable and not exchangeable in any money. If you want to play in the site and you’re low in credit, you will need to purchase it with money in the Parx Online store. All major credit cards are accepted as payment.

Sign-up Bonus

  1. Welcome Bonus

After completing the signup, you will receive 5,000 virtual credits which will be reflected in your balance immediately. You can also use these credits as soon as possible.

  1. First Purchase Bonus

After signing up, your first ever purchase will get a 100% bonus on your first purchase. No promocode is needed for this offer, and the bigger amount of virtual credit you’ll buy, the bigger your bonus will be. Parx Casino’s largest credit denomination is at 900,000 virtual credit that costs $199.

  1. 10,000 virtual credits for linking your XCLUB Card

If you’re already a member of the XCLUB Card from the physical racino, you can link your card and immediately receive a 10,000 virtual credits bonus.

  1. Set your name and birthday and get 5,000

After signing up, setting your first and last name, as well as your birthday, will give you a 5,000 bonus. You can do this by going to your account and personalize it.

Everyday Bonuses

  1. Daily Login Bonus

The daily login bonus will give the player free virtual credits each login. You will need to login for consecutive days in order to get bigger bonuses. The first day will start in 500 and will increase every day. At the 24th day, the bonus is 2,800.

  1. Fortune Wheel Bonus

Spin the wheel and get the amount in the slot where the wheel stopped. You can win from 100 or up to hundreds of thousands of virtual credit. The wheel resets every four hours, which gives you six chances of spinning per day.

Terms And Conditions For Bonuses

To redeem the bonus, the player should be 21 years old and above during the sign up to ensure that no minors will be gambling. Parx Casino can rescind your sign up if they deemed that you’re falsifying your information.

Only people staying in the United States are allowed to play any Parx Casino. The site can revoke any account if proven that the owner players outside the country. In addition, the company makes sure no problems in promocodes will happen. It can also cancel modify promo code. Virtual credits, which can be used for playing games, are only usable within two months.

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