How to Read Marked Cards Deck?

Marked cards decks including ultimate marked cards and barcode marked playing cards are invisible to our human naked eyes, which is acknowledged by all poker players. So considering how to read marked deck of cards, there are two ways that can are practical and useful: one is our eyes and the other one is machine

Of course, our eyes cannot see any flaws unless we wear the special lenses. What are these special lenses? They are Infrared contact lenses and UV glasses for ultimate juice deck. Infrared contact lenses and perspective glasses are processed with red-filter. That makes it different to other ordinary lenses and glasses we wear in our daily life. Covering lenses on our eyes or wearing poker cheating glasses are capable of reading the marked cards deck at the perfect clarity. Both of them can be used about one or two years, so its durability is much better beyond your imagination.

marked cards

If you don’t want to view edge marked playing cards, analyzing scanner is good choice for you. Compared with lenses and sunglasses for marked deck, poker cheating scanner can read cards quickly and accurately. In the other hand, IR lenses and UV glasses cannot read the code on the four sides of marked cards. The barcode image detected by scanner make sure the speed and accuracy of the whole analyzer system at the superior level. No matter local scanner or wireless camera, both of them are compatible for all barcode marked playing cards. Moreover, the scanners we sell are available in different shapes, different scanning distances, all featuring fashionable and perfect appearance and fine workmanship.

Based on your requirements and budget, we can introduce to you the most suitable detective prop to read marked cards deck.


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