Strategies To Bet Successfully On Major Golf Tournaments

Betting on golf majors is no longer the risky business that it once was. Today with all statistics readily available at the tip of the fingers, betting on golf majors has become a means of making a steady income. Strategies adopted are simple and understandable and with time and experience most people are able to take risks when betting on sports betting websites like and come out winners.

Today betting on the outcome of a golf tournament is an almost risk-free business and the following tactics enumerated below are known to help maximize the profits earned by punters from golf betting.

  • Matched betting: Each betting is almost risk-free here since herein if the player the bookmakers say will win, actually wins, the punter stands to win but if he loses, the punter gets back the original money that he has bet provided it is within the limit set by the bookmakers.
  • Take up different offers from different bookies: With a lot of money riding on major tournaments, bookies come up with lucrative offers to motivate gamblers to place winning bets online, on players that they are backing. For a punter each of these translates into an opportunity to win big and hence these offers need to be carefully pursued.
  • Offers for each way extra place: Even though this is a horse racing betting strategy, it has been introduced in golf betting to enable punters to hit jackpot profits. This strategy involves placing bets both on the winner as well as the positioning of the other players, i.e. the extra places, so that all the outcomes are covered thereby enabling the gambler to play safe. But if the player bet on gets placed in the extra places at the end of game play, the gambler stands to make a whole lot of money.

Thus it is very important to understand and adopt the above strategies to ensure that any gambler betting on golf never goes back empty handed.

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