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In middle position you will first have to evaluate well what the players did before you do and then make your decision. Generally you can call with the following pairs 9-9 and 8-8. Even with AJ of the same suit, AT of the same suit, QJ of the same suit the call is not wrong. Furthermore, it is not a risk to do the same action with the following cards, not of the same suit: AQ, KQ. Playing from middle position is not as complicated as playing from early positions as you have a greater advantage. This explains why the call with a pair of 9s or a pair of 8s goes well from the middle when it is better to fold these pairs from the initial position.

Playing in late position

In late position it is generally more comfortable to play: we already know what many players have decided to do before they speak. In any case called with A- of the same suit, KT and QT of the same suit, JT of the same suit, AJ, AT do not have the same suit and with low pairs. In late position it is also easier to raise but it takes a really strong hand to call a raise – more than to raise yourself! – and if someone raises before you, it is better to fold than risk being in the game with a marginal hand. In fact, a raise in the starting position or in the middle in most cases is due to a really strong hand.

The blinds

One thing is clear: once you put chips in the dark, you have to consider that these don’t belong to you anymore. Many players believe they feel they have to defend their own darkness and often do so by calling raise even with marginal hands. If you are small, sometimes you feel authorized to call to justify the initial “expense”. If you are in the dark, you simply want to protect your BB from giving it to others. In these cases the advice is this: if you have already put chips because you are small or big blind, and you have a marginal hand, do not put more chips in the pot. Avoid losing more money unnecessarily.

The most common mistake generally commits the small blind. But just follow this key advice to not lose to Texas Holdem: do not call automatically from small blind if you have nothing. Saving half your bet could become very useful in the future.

As said the chips bet starting from the blinds are gone, you have to forget them, they are no longer yours.

Let’s put it into practice

Are you curious to put these tips into practice by playing a perfect freeroll for poker beginners?

You can train yourself to play in the starting position, in middle position or in late position. When you are one of the two blinds you will surely find yourself in the situation described above. You will surely make mistakes but gradually you will begin to understand how important the table position is and how you change the value of a pair of 9s based on where you are sitting.

Accept the advice on the texas hold’em poker of those with more experience: sign up for a room like Virgin Poker, register in a minute and go to the tournament table to find all the ones best suited to practice without spending.

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