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Omaha high-low is like normal Omaha, but at the end of the pot the pot is split. One half wins the best poker hand and the other half the lowest poker hand. If no one has a low hand with all cards of different sizes and hands or smaller, the best poker hand gets the whole pot. The same player can win both halves.

High-low rules

Omaha high-low

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  • Omaha high-low rules are exactly the same as regular Omaha rules until the cards are displayed .
  • On the cards screen, the pot is split equally into a high pot and a low pot.
  • The pots are equal, so if the cards show up at $ 100, the high pot is $ 50 and the low pot is $ 50.

Win a high pot

The high half wins the hand of the best poker hand.

The winner of this half of the pot is determined in exactly the same way as the winner of a standard Omaha hand: it is won by a player who, using two cards and three cards, manages to make the best five-card poker hand.

Win a low pot

The low half is won by the owner of the lowest poker hand, up to a maximum of eight.

In order to win a low pot, a player must meet the following conditions:

  • All cards are between Ace and Eight
  • All cards are different sizes (no pairs)
  • Ace is always number one in the low hand. Straight lines and colors don’t matter.

Low and high hands are not dependent on each other, so you can use the same or different cards as you wish.

Low hand comparison begins with the largest card in the hand. When a player has a lower card than the others, he wins.


  • A: 85432
  • B: 8732A
  • The biggest cards are equal, but A wins because his second biggest card is smaller than B’s.
  • The lowest possible hand is 5432A.

Additional rules

If no one has a low hand, the best poker hand will fix the whole pot. It is not uncommon for any player to have a low hand. In Omaha high-low, the half cards are called so that no one can have a low hand. In these cases, the rules are clear: the best hand will repair the entire pot if no low hand is found.

If the chips do not match, the extra chip goes to the high hand.

In live games, the characters are not always equal. If this happens, the high hand gets the extra badge.


The pot is 101e and the smallest chip is 1e. the high hand is given 51e and the low hand 50e.

Betting Types

Omaha High-Low can be played with either fixed limit or pot limit raises, ie the sizes of the raises are either pre-agreed or the maximum raise is pot size.

An example of sharing a pot

  • The pot is $ 100
  • The table has: 2369A
  • Player A has: A378
  • Player B has: 4567

High Pot ($ 50):

  • Player A has: AA33K
  • Player B has: 23456 (from 236 tables and 45 hands)
  • Player B wins the high pot

Low Pot ($ 50):

  • Player A has: 7832A
  • Player B has: 5432A
  • Player B wins because his bet is lower than A’s sevens.

Player B wins both high and low pots, or scoops , as the whole pot is called.

Omaha High-Low online

Omaha High-Low is a popular online game. It can be played in tournaments as well as in cash games and the games spin around the clock at all levels of the bet. For beginners, we recommend trying out the “sewing jam” at Betsson .

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