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The SuperBowl is one of the rare times in the sports calendar when everyone hears about the difference in points from the favorite to the underdog Sports betting in this game is of great popular interest, as betting stories flood the news about high stakes or which team Las Vegas thinks will win, or at least cover the spread / handicap. But at this time also comes many misconceptions.

The public has the power

The Super Bowl is a unique market in itself, and unlike in any regular season and even in playoff games, the change of line is not dictated by the opinion of big punters or the media, but by the general public. 

General Options

Super Bowl is the most popular game of the year in the USA and also the most money-driven in sports betting.

The 안전토토 site bookmakers will usually adjust the lines and quotes they offer faster if there is a very strong bet on a market. However, with two weeks to place bets and knowing that the betting audience will study the game a lot, there may not be big bets for now.

You bet on what doesn’t happen in the match

You can bet on anything about the game. SuperBowl Prop Betting has become so popular and a hot spot in recent years, thanks to crazy bets like betting on the opening song of the halftime show or the color of Gatorade spilled over the champion coach.

But such bets are not common in homes like Betfair or NetBet , you can find them at BookMaker or Betonline , homes that target the American public. Just imagine how many times the US president will tweet SuperBowl during the game or if Justin Timberlake’s clothes are tasteful. Bets like these receive money and pay a good amount, the problem is to find studies that indicate a consistent bet.

Increasingly bet on ‘heads or tails’

  • You may have heard the story of an American billionaire who won 45 million betting on the SuperBowl, this has been happening a lot lately.
  • Gamblers aiming for the biggest profits sometimes do crazy things with their money. They bet on unusual things, hard to happen. The excuse for placing bets like these is that the return value pays off. And it really pays off.


But the bookmakers still protect themselves from these bets. They do not take risks. Things like betting heads or tails pay less than you should. There are two results for heads or tails, and the odds for that are usually 1.83 or 1.85. The profit margin that the house puts on these bets is much larger than on an ordinary bet. But even so, people are increasingly betting on something strange or unlikely to happen.

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