Identifying Marked Playing Cards

marked deck of cards

The most practical and easy way to win poker games and gambling games entirely. Frequent players of the poker games should know about the trick of playing marked cards as it enables them to cheat and do lots of tricks. The skills help them increase their winning odds and shields them from being cheated in the game. In this article, we will expose the meaning of a marked card and also how to Identify them. 

What have marked playing cards?

History has it that card bending was the first visible attempt to alter cards to suit one player or another. In this attempt, the traditional decks experienced a massive shortage because everybody can see the card markings.

As the bending of cards wasn’t productive enough, the cheaters proceeded to change the designs of some sides of the card using things like ink, scratches, pigments, to alter the backside patterns.

Now, with the increase in technology comes good news. Invisible ink can be used for marked playing cards from, putting an end to other archaic ways of marking cards. Also, the quality of marked decks has improved with the introduction of high-end card printing technology.

Types Of Marked Playing Cards For Sale 

Generally, there are three major categories of marked playing cards. 

The first one is the invisible ink marked cards. This involves the use of a UV invisible ink at the back of the card. This ink makes the markings on the map to be invisible to naked eyes. It can only be detected with invisible ink readers.

The marked infrared decks are the second one. It uses a different kind of marking ink. They can only be read with an infrared camera. 

Finally, the barcode marked cards mark the card on four sides with codes that can be deciphered using the phone scanning system.

Detecting marked playing cards

Various gadgets used in detecting marked cards are the UV contact lens, luminous ink, infrared poker camera,  and poker analyzer. A poker analyzer is a device for predicting poker winning hands.

There are many suppliers of marked cards all over the world as they need for these cards in the gaming world continues to escalate. 


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